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DEPIK Technologies is a Research and Training institute in Linux and Embedded Systems. DEPIK was started in the year 2001 to offer research and quality training services by sharing the rich experience and expertise of its founder. DEPIK is well known and well established as a premier institute for its quality and innovation in teaching.

Advice for engineering college students

DEPIK strongly recommend all the students studying in engineering colleges, to improve their programming skills. Students should effectively utilise the last three years of their engineering to gain knowledge and skills. Internet with so many free e-books, free course material and video lectures is the best source to gain knowledge. However every student still require a good person/place for guidance. DEPIK is such a place for help and guidance.

DEPIK is offering the following open courses/material, for the benefit of engineering college students. Students who are keen to develop their C programming skills and who wish to gain good understanding of embedded systems can go through the following topics.

ARM microcontroller based embedded development kit

DEPIK has developed ARM7 microcontroller based embeddded development board for the engineering college students. It comes with extensive documentation, which makes it very easy to use. We strongly recommend this board for every ECE engineering student, who is doing microprocessor/microcontrolle lab in the college. This board helps a lot in learning and exploring embedded hardware.

Certificate courses from DEPIK

DEPIK is offering the following certificate courses for the engineering degree holders. DEPIK has got more than 15 years of rich experience in teaching these certification courses. For any student who wish to learn these courses, DEPIK is unbeatable choice. If it is not at DEPIK, you are certainly missing a lot.

Workshops for bonding with students

Internet provides lot of information for knowledge. But to gain practical skills, students should pratice a lot. Practicing requires right environment and guidance. DEPIK is conducting the following workshops, to provide the right environment and guidance. Another aim of these workshops is to form a bond between the students and DEPIK. So that students can always approach DEPIK for help in their career guidance.

DEPIK is the most responsible and reliable institute that students can trust, depend and benefit.

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Ph: +91-40-48508764, 7702028989, depik.help@gmail.com