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Workshop on Embedded Programming

This workshop is meant for the engineering college students, who wish to develop embedded programming skills. This course is ideal for the engineering students, who are studying or going to study Microprocessor and Microcontrollers subject in the college. This Microprocessor subject and associated microprocessor lab is very important for learning embedded systems. But lot of students are unable to understand this subject well, due to lack of right facilities in their engineering colleges.

This workship provides the right kind of technical knowledge and skills to understand and use microprocessors and microcontrollers. As part of this workshop, we are provding the ARM microcontroller kit. Students can continue to practice embedded programs on this kit. It is recommended that the student has already completed the workshop on C Programming in Linux environment.

  • How CPU works
  • How Memory (Flash ROM/RAM) is interfaced to the CPU
  • How to write, compile, load and run a program from RAM and Flash ROM
  • What are IO or Peripheral Chips and how they are interfaced to the CPU
  • How to program different types of IO/Peripheral chips
  • How to use various IO sensors or devices

This is highly illustrated workshop with lot of simulations. With these simulations students are able to understand very clearly, how a CPU works and how various peripheral chips work. At the same time, students will program the real hardware boards and can compare the simulation and real hardware working.

Students should carry their own laptop to the workshop. It will be better if laptop has loaded with Ubuntu Linux. Windows is also OK. After the completion of workshop, students can buy or rent the development board for later practice.

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