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Workshop on C Programming in Linux Environment

This workshop is meant for the engineering college students who wish to develop C programming skills in the Linux environment. It is assumed that students have already completed the C subject in their curriculam. Students should have a laptop with Windows or Linux OS. Students can chose either 1 day or 2 days workshop

The main objective of this workshop is to make you familiar with Linux environment. And make you comfortable in writing simple and practical C programs on a Linux system. After completing the workshop, one should practice all the assignments given by taking the help of DEPIK. Finally every student should take the DEPIK's certification test.

  • connecting to DEPIK's Linux server from your laptop
  • Using Linux through command line interface called shell
  • Basic Linux commands
  • Using vi editor
  • Writing, Compiling and running C programs
  • Basic C programming topics
    • Illustration of statements execution with Simulator
    • Practicing C programs

The second day of workshop will have more practising sessions with more guidance for advanced assignments.

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