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Open course on C programming in Linux Environment

This open course is meant for the engineering college students, who already completed the C Programming in the college. DEPIK's aim is to improve the practical programming skills of students in general. And also to improve the embedded programming skills in specific.

Importance of C programming skills

Good programming skills are essential for the engineering students, if they wish to become software developers. Like good doctors, good programmers are always in demand. But to become good at anything, a lot of effort must go in. To put a lot of effort, one should have interest in it. So whoever is having interest in programming, and wish to become good software developers, this site is for you. We at DEPIK will go an extra step in helping you and making you a successful software developer.

To do for any kind of programming, C language skills are starting point. Once you are comfortable in writing C programs, you can learn other programming languages easily. Advanced programming languages like C++, Java, Java script and C# all are derived from the C language. If you are good in C, you can easily become good at these advanced languages also.

Because of this reason only, C language is taught first in the colleges. But unfortunately, C is not taught in the way it supposed to be. Students are learning C language like English language in primitive schools. That is without understaning, they are remembering and reproducing in the exams.

It is important to learn in a practical way. That is by writing simple and useful programs. Any simple program should read data from the user, calculate some useful thing like area of circle or simple interest and print the result. Unfortunately lot of engineering graduates, are not able to write this kind of simple programs. These are practical and useful programs. Computer is like a calculator. Your simple program is like an application on calculator.

Choice of operating system to practice C programming

We hope that, you are convinced and willing to practice C programming. Then comes the choice of operating system to practice C. Linux is the best choice to practice C programming. All IITs, NIT's and premium engineering institutes teach C in Linux. Linux is free and its source code is open. So one can understand and learn Linux to any extent. We feel Linux is the greatest gift available to the students and programmers. Linux is also being used extensively in embedded systems. Practicing C on Linux is wonderful choice.

All technical people just fall in love with Unix (Linux). I am one such person. I see that there is some magical charm in Unix. It is simple, elegant and beautiful OS, created by brilliant people.

How to start practicing C on a Linux OS

We are assuming that you are an engineering student, who completed the first year of engineering. So you should have completed the C programming subject. Basically we assume that, you have some basic idea of C programming. Now download the following C book and take a print and make it a book.

C Programming in Linux Environment

Read each chapter in the C book, you have downloaded. Read each line carefully. Understand every line of text and every line of program carefully.

Next you should have a computer and Internet connection. You should be able to login into DEPIK's Linux system from your windows machine. First get familiar with Linux command shell environment. Learn few basic Linux commands. Learn how to create a text and program files using 'vi' editor or 'nano' editor. Next learn how to compile and run a single C program. That's it. You have successfully completed the initial and major hurdle. Now you have the basic Linux system to practice and DEPIK to help you.

Start doing the assignments given at the end of the chapter of the C book downloaded. If you think, you are already good at C programm, then great! Just do the following simple to not so simple assignments.

Assignments on operators

Assignments on conditions

Assignments on loops

Assignments on structures

Assignments on simple functions

Assignments on using pointers

Assignments on advanced functions

If you find, some of the the assignments given above are not clear, or difficult, we have given the solutions below. Just refer the solution for understanding the assignment, or idea used in the assignment. Never try to remember the program. After refering the solution and getting the idea, do the assignment on your own. Follow the same method for all the difficult assignments.

Solutions for assignements on operators

Solutions for assignments on conditions

Solutions for assignments on loops

Solutions for assignments on structures

Solutions for assignments on simple functions

Solutions for assignments on using pointers

Solutions for assignments on advanced functions

For any queries, please send mail to depik.help@gmail.com.

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