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Practicing C Programming in Linux Environment

Diploma in Embedded and System Programming course is an advanced course and offered only for the good C programmers. DEPIK is providing a Linux system on the cloud. Students who wish to join DEPIK, and wish to practice C programs on a Linux system can use this system. Students can login into this Linux system from their Windows PC. This allows students to get familar with Linux command shell environment. They can practice various Linux shell commands, and also can practice writing, compiling and running C programs.

We expect students to practice writing lot of simple C programs. Simple programs are the ones, which reads some input numbers from the user, calculate some useful thing and print the result. Click the following to see the C assignments and their solutions. We wish students to practice these C assignments on a Linux system on their own. When they have problem, they can refer the solution given below and again try on their own. Never directly copy or enter the solutions given. Solutions are provided only for reference purpose to know how do a certain kind of programs.

DEPIK is the institute of embedded systems and embedded Linux. To become a good embedded programmer, one must be a good C programmer first. Lot of students are under the impression that embedded systems is not software. But embedded systems is completely software only. So one should have good programming skills in C language. Then only one can excel in embedded programming. Linux OS is the ideal platform for learning and practicing C programming. One can only become good practical C programmer, by practicing a lot of programs. So DEPIK is providing the Linux environment for practicing C.

We strongly recommend all Computer Science and Electronics students of engineering colleges to continue learning C language from first year onwards. Year after year they should keep working on C and improve their C programming skills. By the time they complete their degree they should become good C programmers. Electronics and computer engineers may learn any computer languages, but C language should be their Mother tongue, because C is the mother of most of the modern languages and scripts.

By seeing some of the students, we also felt that, students should be good at typing also. To enjoy programming, they should be comfortable in typing the code. There are lot of websites that show the correct way of typing. And these sites also help you in measuring your typing speed.

We charge a nominal fees of Rs.200 per month, for making use of our Linux system on cloud. C Material, assignments and solutions are provided below:

Read the book on 'C Programming in Linux Environment'. Click the following link to download the book.

C Programming in Linux Environment

Following link take you to the simple to not so simple assignments. Try to write and run these programs on DEPIK's Linux system.

C Assignments to practice

Following links take you to the solutions for the above assignments. Use these solutions only as reference to understand the logic. Once you understood the logic, try to write program on your own. Never try to remember the solutions. Try to understand how to apply the logic. Then write your logic in your own way.

Solutions for assignements on operators

Solutions for assignments on conditions

Solutions for assignments on loops

For any queries, please send mail to depik.help@gmail.com.

Spoken Tutorials on Linux and other open source software

IIT Bombay, has developed excellent spoken tutorials on using Linux system. These spoken tutorials are very helpful in getting familiar with Linux environment.

The Spoken Tutorial project is the initiative of the Talk to a Teacher activity of the National Mission on Education through Information and Communication Technology (ICT), launched by the Ministry of Human Resources and Development, Government of India.

Visit the website www.spoken-tutorial.org or click the following link. It is a must visit site for every engineering student.

Spoken tutorials on Linux

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